Want to learn more about Special Olympics? We enjoy speaking to groups, attending agency fairs, school fairs, and school and community related events. We appreciate the chance to come out and tell you all abour our mission.

If you're interested please contact Joan Sechrist at (717) 272-1332 #3 or e-mail us at contact@lebcoso.org. We will do our best to accomodate your request!

Phone Directory

Management Team


Joan Sechrist, Area Manager
Open Position, Assistant Manager 
Judi Lentz, Treasurer
Judi Lentz, Secretary
Jessi Dreibelbis, Volunteer Coordinator
Carmen Rozier, Competition Coordinator

Becci Sudbury Training Coordinator
Kristine Progin & Bobbi Jo Rhen, Athlete Liaison
Deb Tice, Fundraiser Coordinator
Joan Sechrist, Outreach Coordinator
Janet Umberger, Athlete Registration
Jackie Gostomski, IMS Coordinator
Open Position, Public Relations
Andy & Michelle Voydik, Equipment Manager

Golf: Tom Plunket
Long Distance/Walk Run: Linda & Mike Bare
Tennis: Cathy Shaak, Janet Umberger, Brian Umberger
Powerlifting: John Monk Jr., Michelle & Andy Voydik
Athletics:  Linda & Mike Bare
Gymnastics: Alex Hoover & Sam Perry
Softball: John & Sharon Binner, Michelle Voydik
Soccer: Brian Umberger
Floor Hockey: Tenille & Andy Gingrich, John & Sharon Binner , Jason Moyer, Jen Martinez
Bocce Ball: Kevin Umberger, Janet Umberger, Dawn Stengel
Volleyball: Tenille & Andy Gingrich, Jason Moyer, Jen Martinez
Bowling: Floyd Knight, Vicki Killian
Aquatics: Jessi Dreibelbis, Gene Dreibelbis
Basketball: Jason Moyer, Carmen Rozier

Snow Shoe: Melissa Lichenwalnmer

Contact Form

(717) 272-1332

#1: Jessi Dreibelbis, Volunteer Coordinator
#2: Janet Umberger, Athlete Registration
#3: Joan Sechrist, Manager (Questions/Problems)
#4: Sports Line Update (Inclement Weather, Practice Changes)
#5: Joy Weidman, Family Coordinator
#6: Deb Tice, Fundraiser Coordinator
#7: Dinner & Auction Fundraiser Committee 
#8: Athlete Liaisons

Lebanon County Special Olympics
​P.O. Box 1018 Lebanon PA 17042 US

Telephone:  +1.7172721332

Email:  contact@lebcoso.org